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Please complete all fields.  If you have been a member of National Association of REALTORS as a REALTOR or Affiliate member in Washington or any other state, you will have a NRDS number.  You can search your NRDS number at or call the office to obtain that information, to avoid creating a duplicate ID number.  Upon completion of this application, the office will review your information for final approval.  

Please note that all application fees and dues for new members are pro-rated upon joining.  State, National, and Local dues are collected by the local association and dispersed.  Those fees are collected on a calendar year.  When applying you will become a member of National Association of REALTORS, ARIZONA ASSOCIATION REALTORS, and Bullhead City Mohave Valley Association of Realtors.  All associations have a no refund policy.  

If for whatever reason you are unable to submit the application using this form or if you encounter technical difficulties while completing the application - You are always welcome to print out and return a scanned copy of our  to

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Use this form to join as a primary REALTOR member of Bullhead City Mohave Valley Association of Realtors. When joining as a primary member, you are also joining National Association of REALTORS and Arizona REALTORS. If you are transferring from another local association and would like to become primary at BHCMVAOR, please use this form and select invoice me. We will remove fees that are not required to be paid. A letter of good standing from your other local association is to be submitted before membership is accepted.

New members are required by NAR to complete new member code of ethics training within 90 days of joining, and new member orientation within 60 days of joining. The requirement is waived if transferring from another in-state association.

Use this application if you are a primary member at another association in a different state. You will have all rights as a primary member but will only pay local/state dues. National dues will be paid through your primary association.

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